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Whether you’re looking to educate yourself about the latest industry trends, or leading solutions, there’s always something new to learn. Check out our latest information and stay tuned for more.

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Solutions that unify the data into a single user friendly screen, providing workflow efficiencies, reducing implant errors, data errors, manual data input and allow clinicians to spend time actually helping in patient treatment and care.

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The biggest headache with paper based records is filing and retrieval. Trying to find patient details in a mountain of misfiled data is a nightmare!!.

ScottCare OneView is a fully searchable e-Record that can be HL7 linked to HIS / EMR solutions. Already integrated worldwide with all major solutions, a perfect solution to your Cath Lab / Cardiac Theatre / Cardiology departments.

Research projects are infinitely easier to manage as all searches are automated to help you track the cause / cure path in finding the right answers.

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Remote Cardiac Monitoring provides new found freedom for your patients, whilst keeping a close watch over their vital signs and cardiac rythms.
Connecting via WiFi / 3G / 4G allows patients to move around the hospital, or for suitable cases, going home or back to work.
Health professionals can monitor the patient anywhere in the 3G / 4G network.

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